Washburn Boys Soccer Boosters

The Washburn Boys Soccer Boosters is a volunteer organization with the mission of supporting the tradition of a high quality soccer program at Washburn High School. The boosters raise funds to support the activities of all Washburn boys soccer teams. We collect booster fees, conduct community fundraisers, and solicit private donations to support program activities. In addition, boosters support the coaches and student-athletes, on and off the field. Boosters also maintain this website, document games in pictures, and organize team social events.

The Minneapolis Public Schools funds only the varsity and junior varsity teams, but at a minimal level. There are no district funds to pay for B-squad or C-squad coaches. To develop and maintain a strong soccer tradition at Washburn, money is needed to hire coaches and referees and to augment the varsity and junior varsity coaching staff. Booster funds are also used to purchase equipment for the teams and to sponsor team-building events like team meals and the kick-off picnic.

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We ask each family of a Washburn boys soccer player to contribute to the Washburn Soccer Boosters. The suggested annual fee is $105. These fees are the single biggest source of revenue for the Washburn boys soccer program. Additional donations are greatly appreciated. No student athlete will be denied the opportunity to play if the suggested booster fee is not paid.

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