Washburn Stadium

September 22, 2016
Millers v. Lakers

Girls Match: 5:00pm
Program: 6:30pm
Boys Match: 7:00pm

Ice Bucket Challenge immediately after each match

John Sylvester

John “Sly” Sylvester has dedicated his adult life to helping others. He played for the Minnesota Thunder in the late nineties, worked in the Minneapolis Public Schools (including a stint as the Washburn girls varsity coach), Harvest African-centered Prep School in North Minneapolis, and as the girl’s coaching director for the Minneapolis United Soccer Club.

John has ALS, a daily challenge for him, his wife Tessie, and their two sons, Gus and Freddy. The support and prayers of family, friends, and community, however, continue to provide hope and strength. Come out on September 22, 2016, for the fourth annual Sylvester Cup matches between Washburn and Southwest. Support Miller and Laker soccer and give to support John and his family and to witness all that the Sylvesters have contributed to Minnesota soccer. Learn more about John Sylvester.


Ice Bucket Challenge

Millers and Lakers, iced immediately after each match