Washburn soccer is a program that has great interest and support. The number of players who have an interest in being a Miller soccer player has grown tremendously the last few years.

Based on our tryout numbers some players may not be placed on a team. Our program can only sustain up to 80 players (4 teams of 16 to 20), and we will likely have more than 100 players trying out in the fall. Some players will not be placed on a team due to those constraints.

Team Structure

Varsity – This is the top level team regardless of grade. Team is highly competitive and will be between 16-17 field players.

Junior Varsity – This team will be open to players in grades 9-12. This team will have up to 17 field players.

Academy A (Sophomore) – This team will be 8th-10th grade players. This will be our strongest group of younger players. The team will have 16-18 players.

Academy B (B Squad) – This will be a team of 9th-10th graders. The team will have 16-18 players.

Team Selection

Teams will be determined at the end of our tryout week (August 14-19). Placement of teams will not be absolute. If a player does well on a team our coaching staff communicates and we adjust player placement as the season progresses.

  • 12th grade player – Must make Varsity or JV
  • 11th grade player – Must make JV
  • 10th grade player– Must make Academy A or B
  • 9th grade player – Must make Academy A or B
  • 8th grade player – Must make Academy A

Players will be assessed on the following criteria (not in rank order)

  1. Technical ability- skill with the ball, mastery of skills in all aspects of the game
  2. Tactical ability – awareness of situation, understanding of the game
  3. Physical component – speed of play, effort, strength
  4. Mental – knowledge of game, reaction to adversity and positivity, communication with others
  5. Criteria testing on Day 1
  6. Coaching staff discretion on player placement.

2023 Tryouts

Tryouts begin August 14, 2023 at Washburn Stadium. Bring water, ball, wear shin guards, bring both cleats and flats!

The week will be broken up into two player pools (Pool A and Pool B). Players will be notified which pool they will train with on the 1st day of tryouts. Pool A is reserved for returning players that are initially vying for a Varsity spot or who are new to the program and come with a club Coach’s recommendation of their Varsity level ability.

Tryout results will be posted on this website on Saturday, August 19 at 5 p.m.