We’ve already posted basic information about this year’s soccer tryouts, including links to forms you will need to complete before tryouts or practice. As fall soccer tryouts begin, we thought parents and players would like more information about how Washburn boys soccer tryouts work and what to expect. We talked with Varsity Head Coach Aaron Percy about the process and the basics of upcoming tryouts.

How Many Washburn Soccer Teams are There?

The 2020 season is in flux due to COVID-19. There will be three teams: varsity, junior varsity (JV), and the 9/10 Academy teams. There may be a possible “reserve” team primarily of freshmen. More information is available here.

How Many Kids are Trying Out?

It’s hard to predict accurately, as tryouts are open to anyone eligible to play high school sports. Last year (2019), more than 100 kids tried out for approximately 90 spots on five teams.

Is it Possible I Won’t Make a Team?

Yes. Due to the strength and quality of the Washburn soccer program, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to make a team. We expect this year again to have more demand for spots than are available, and there are more limited playing opportunities because of adjustments to the season during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is there a Cost to Participate?

Yes. The Minneapolis Public Schools charges a sports registration fee for fall sports, including soccer, which is $75.00. This fee should be paid prior to tryouts. This year we will be using online payment on the Washburn Soccer website for all participation and booster fees.  The Washburn Soccer Boosters asks all players to contribute $100 to the boosters so that it can fulfill its mission of contributing to a solid soccer program. This is a suggested and tax-deductible contribution—no one will be prevented from playing on a team if they do not contribute to the boosters. But, because player contributions help fund the Washburn soccer program, we ask that all players contribute to the soccer boosters. Players’ parents will be contacted after tryouts with more information about the boosters.

I’m an Entering Freshman. Can I Be Considered for the Varsity Team?

In rare situations an incoming ninth grader may be considered for the varsity team. Varsity Head Coach Percy needs a club coach recommendation for the player to participate in Pool A tryouts. Ninth graders will typically participate in Pool B during the tryout week.

I’m a Goalkeeper and a Field Player. How Do I Try Out for Goalie? Can I Also Be Considered for a Field Position?

We will have a goalkeeper coach who will work with goalies during the tryouts and get an assessment of where each goalie fits team wise. If we have extra goalies the younger teams will possibly carry two goalies and they would split time by half or game. Players interested in playing both goalie and field should communicate that during tryouts and our coaching staff will try and look at both positions.

How Are Team Selections Made?

Please refer to Team Structure/Criteria information posted on the website regarding player selection.

What Are the Differences Between A and B Tryout Pools?

Pool A tryouts are designed for upperclassmen and potential varsity players. Pool B is primarily designed for incoming players and players who are not quite ready for the varsity level pool. The coaching staff determines the pools, and players are assigned to the A or B Pool when they check in for tryouts on the first day (August 17). Having said that, we do have movement between Pool B and Pool A each year during tryouts.

I’ll Be a Senior in the Fall. Is My Only Option to Make the Varsity Team?

No. Provided that their skill levels are appropriate, seniors this year may play on varsity or JV teams.

How Many Players Are on the Rosters for Each Team?

As a general rule, there are a maximum of 18 players for each team. This number will generally be lower, and most teams will have 16-18 players on the roster.

I Had a Physical Last Year for Washburn Sports. Do I Need Another One This Year?

No. As long as you had a physical exam in the last three years (incoming will likely need a new one) and it is on file with the Washburn Athletic Department, you do not need to complete another physical exam. You will, however, still need to complete the Minnesota State High School League Annual Sports Health Questionnaire and submit it to Washburn. This form is available on the Washburn Soccer website as part of the MSHSL Eligibility Brochure.

How Long is the High School Soccer Season?

Beginning with tryouts, the typical season for most teams is from mid-August through the first week of October. The 2020 season, however, will be shortened because of COVID-19 concerns.

Who Are The Coaches This Year?

  • Aaron Percy: Varsity Head Coach
  • Sean Keir: Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Steve Alexander: Varsity Assistant Coach
  • Eric Adams: Junior Varsity Coach
  • Eduardo Romo: Sophomore Squad Coach
  • Damon Shoholm: B Squad Coach
  • Garrett Lieb: C Squad Coach
  • Garret Olson: Goalie Coach

When and Where Are Practices?

The varsity team typically practices on weekday afternoons or evenings at Washburn Stadium. The junior varsity, JV, sophomore and freshman teams will typically practice immediately after school at Pearl Park, usually starting about one-half hour after the end of school. Locations for practices this season may change based on space and availability. Coaches will set a practice schedule prior to the start of the season, but you should generally expect to have a practice or a game after school every day during the soccer season.

Where Are the Washburn Soccer Home Games?

Home games for the varsity team are at Washburn Stadium. Occasionally, the junior varsity team will also play at Washburn Stadium. For all other teams, home games are usually at Pearl Park.

Who Provides Transportation to Practices and Games?

Transportation is in flux because of the pandemic. Talk to your coach at the time of team formation to determine what may be available for transportation during the season.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Track of Game and Practice Schedules?

Coaches keep players advised of any changes in the practice and game schedules, which are also published and updated in a central calendar on the Washburn soccer website. Each team also has a game schedule, game results, and roster published on the Washburn soccer website, which is updated as the season progresses.

The soccer program also uses TeamSnap to coordinate each of the team’s rosters and schedules. Prior to the start of the season, players and their parents will be invited to join each team’s TeamSnap application. Most club soccer players and parents are already familiar with TeamSnap.