Washburn Boys Soccer

The varsity team is coached by Aaron Percy, with assistant coaches Sean Keir and Steve Alexander.

Junior Varsity

Washburn Boys Soccer

Junior varsity is coached by Eric Adams. Primarily sophomores and juniors are on the current JV roster.


Washburn Boys Soccer

Eduardo Romo coaches the sophomore squad, which is predominantly sophomores in the program.


Washburn Boys Soccer

The 9A squad is coached by Damon Shoholm. The roster is primarily freshmen.


Washburn Boys Soccer

Fernando Santelanes coaches the 9B squad, which is primarily freshmen.

2019 Schedule/Results: All Teams

Schedules and results for all Washburn boys soccer teams

08/22/20199A5:00 PMEdinaEdina -
08/22/2019JV5:00 PMEdinaEdina -
08/22/2019Sophomore5:00 PMEdinaEdina -
08/22/2019Varsity8:00 PMEdinaEdina -
08/23/20199A5:00 PMSt Paul ComoMacMurray -
08/23/20199BSt. Paul WashingtonWashington
08/23/2019Sophomore5:00 PMSt. Paul ComoMacMurray -
08/27/20199A4:00 PMStillwaterPearl Park -
08/27/2019JV5:00 PMStillwaterWashburn -
08/27/2019Sophomore4:00 PMStillwaterPearl -
08/27/2019Varsity7:00 PMStillwaterWashburn Stadium -
08/29/20199A4:00 PMPrior LakePrior Lake -
08/29/2019JV5:00 PMPrior LakePrior Lake -
08/29/2019Sophomore4:00 PMPrior LakePrior Lake -
08/30/2019Varsity7:00 PMMadison MemorialMadison WI -
08/31/2019Varsity10:00 AMMadison WestMadison WI
09/03/20199A4:15 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
09/03/2019JV4:15 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
09/03/2019Sophomore4:15 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
09/03/2019Varsity5:00 PMEast RidgeEast Ridge -
09/04/20199A4:15 PMMinneapolis SouthwestPearl Park -
09/04/2019Sophomore4:15 PMMinneapolis SouthwestArmatage -
09/05/2019JV5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestArmatage Park -
09/05/2019Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest -
09/07/20199A1:00 PMEastviewTBD -
09/07/2019JV5:00 PMEastviewWashburn -
09/07/2019Sophomore1:00 PMEastviewTBD -
09/07/2019Varsity7:00 PMEastviewWashburn Stadium -
09/09/20199A4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthPearl -
09/09/2019Sophomore4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthNokomis -
09/12/2019JV4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthPearl Park -
09/12/2019Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthWashburn Stadium -
09/14/20199ATBDStillwater -
09/14/20199ATBDStillwater -
09/14/2019SophomoreTBDStillwater -
09/14/2019SophomoreTBDStillwater -
09/19/2019JV4:00 PMMinneapolis EdisonNE Athletic Fields -
09/19/2019Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis EdisonEdison -
09/20/20199BMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn Stadium
09/21/20199A8:00 AMTBDWashburn Stadium -
09/21/2019JV4:00 PMSt. Cloud TechWashburn -
09/21/2019Sophomore12:00 PMTBDWashburn -
09/21/2019Varsity8:00 PMSt. Cloud TechWashburn Stadium -
09/23/20199A4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthNokomis -
09/23/2019Sophomore4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthPearl -
09/24/20199A4:15 PMHopkinsPearl Park -
09/24/2019JV4:15 PMHopkinsHopkins -
09/24/2019Sophomore4:15 PMHopkinsHopkins -
09/24/2019Varsity5:00 PMHopkinsHopkins -
09/26/2019JV4:00 PMMinneapolis HenryPearl Park -
09/26/2019Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis HenryWashburn Stadium -
09/28/20199ALakeville NorthLakeville -
09/28/20199B9:00 AMMinneapolis SouthwestArmatage Park
09/28/2019JV11:00 AMLakeville NorthWashburn -
09/28/2019SophomoreLakeville NorthLakeville -
09/28/2019Varsity1:00 PMLakeville NorthWashburn Stadium -
10/01/2019JV4:15 PMMinneapiolis SouthwestPearl Park -
10/02/2019Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn Stadium -
10/03/20199A4:15 PMMinneapolis SouthwestArmatage Park -
10/03/2019JV4:00 PMMinneapolis RooseveltPearl Park -
10/03/2019Sophomore4:15 PMMinneapolis SouthwestPearl -
10/03/2019Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis RooseveltWashburn Stadium -
10/05/20199ATBDPark Cottage Grove -
10/05/20199ATBDPark Cottage Grove
10/05/2019JV11:00 AMSaint Louis ParkWashburn -
10/05/2019SophomoreTBDPark Cottage Grove -
10/05/2019SophomoreTBDPark Cottage Grove -
10/05/2019Varsity5:00 PMSaint Louis ParkWashburn Stadium -