Washburn Boys Soccer

The varsity team is coached by Aaron Percy, with assistant coaches Sean Keir and Steve Alexander.

Junior Varsity

Washburn Boys Soccer

Junior varsity, mostly juniors and seniors, is coached by Eric Adams.


Washburn Boys Soccer

Damon Shoholm coaches the Sophomore team, which are sophomores and freshmen.

B Squad

Washburn Boys Soccer

The B Squad is coached by Garrett Lieb. The roster is primarily freshmen.

2020 Schedule/Results: All Teams

Schedules and results for all Washburn boys soccer teams

NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the season schedule should always be considered in flux and subject to change at anytime.

08/27/2020Sophomore5:15 PMEden PrairieEden PrairieW 2-1
08/27/2020B Squad5:15 PMEden PrairieEden PrairieW 2-0
08/27/2020JV5:15 PMEden PrairieEden PrairieT 1-1
08/27/2020Varsity7:00 PMEden PrairieEden PrairieL 1-2
08/29/2020JV2:00 PMBlakeWashburn StadiumW 8-0
08/29/2020Varsity4:00 PMBlakeWashburn StadiumT 0-0
09/01/2020JV5:00 PMBreckWashburn StadiumW 8-0
09/01/2020Varsity7:00 PMBreckWashburn StadiumL 1-4
09/08/2020Sophomore4:00 PMMinneapolis EdisonPearl ParkW 5-0
09/09/2020Sophomore4:30 PMMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest High SchoolT 0-0
09/09/2020B Squad4:30 PMMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn StadiumW 2-1
09/10/2020JV6:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest StadiumT 0-0
09/10/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn StadiumW 1-0
09/12/2020B SquadTBDSt. Paul AcademySt. Paul AcademyW 5-1
09/12/2020JV12:00 PMMinnehaha AcademyMinnehaha AcademyW 7-0
09/12/2020Varsity2:00 PMMinnehaha AcademyMinnehaha AcademyW 7-2
09/14/2020Sophomore4:30 PMBreckBreck StadiumW 2-1
09/17/2020B SquadTBDEdinaEdinaW 1-0
09/17/2020JV4:00 PMMinneapolis SouthNokomis ParkW 1-0
09/17/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis SouthSouth High SchoolW 3-0
09/22/2020JV4:00 PMMinneapolis EdisonPearl ParkW 5-0
09/22/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis EdisonWashburn StadiumW 4-1
09/23/2020B Squad4:30 PMJeffersonBrooksideW 1-0
09/24/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis HenryPatrick Henry High SchoolW 1-0
09/28/2020B SquadTBDBenilde-St. Margaret'sBenilde-St. Margaret'sW 10-1
09/29/2020JV5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn StadiumT 0-0
09/29/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest StadiumL 2-3
10/01/2020JV4:00 PMMinneapolis RooseveltNokomis ParkW 7-0
10/01/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis RooseveltRoosevelt High SchoolW 3-0
10/02/2020Sophomore4:30 PMMinneapolis SouthwestPearl ParkT 1-1
10/02/2020B Squad4:30 PMMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest High SchoolT 2-2
10/03/2020B Squad10:00 AMBloomington JeffersonBloomington JeffersonW 5-0
10/05/2020SophomoreTBDEdinaEdinaW 2-1
10/06/2020JV5:00 PMMinneapolis SouthWashburn StadiumW 2-0
10/06/2020Varsity7:00 PMMinneapolis SouthWashburn StadiumW 3-1
10/06/2020B SquadTBDEdinaPearl ParkW 3-2
10/08/2020SophomoreTBDMinneapolis SouthwestSouthwest High SchoolL 1-2
10/08/2020B SquadTBDMinneapolis SouthwestWashburn StadiumW 4-1
10/09/2020B SquadTBDEdisonEdisonW 8-0
10/14/2020Varsity5:00 PMMinneapolis South (Section Quarterfinal)Washburn StadiumW 1-0
10/21/2020Varsity5:00 PMSt. Louis Park (Section Semifinal)Washburn StadiumW 1-0
10/24/2020Varsity2:00 PMWayzata (Section Final)WayzataL 2-3