Washburn Boys Soccer

The varsity team is coached by Aaron Percy, with assistant coaches Sean Keir and Steve Alexander.

Junior Varsity

Washburn Boys Soccer

Junior varsity is coached by Eric Adams. Primarily sophomores and juniors are on the current JV roster.

JV Blue

Washburn Boys Soccer

JV Blue is a new team in 2017, coached by Fernando Santellanes. The current roster is a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Sophomore (formerly B Squad)

Washburn Boys Soccer

The Sophomore Squad is coached by Eduardo Romo. The current roster is primarily sophomores.

B Squad

Washburn Boys Soccer

The freshmen team, now known as B Squad, is coached by Manny DeLaLuz. The roster will primarily be freshmen.

2017 Schedule/Results

Schedules and results for all Washburn boys soccer teams

8/24/2017B Squad4:00 PMEdinaEdina Community CenterL 0-1
8/24/2017JV5:00 PMEdinaWashburn StadiumL 0-2
8/24/2017Sophomore4:00 PMEdinaEdina Community CenterL 0-3
8/24/2017Varsity7:00 PMEdinaWashburn StadiumT 1-1
8/25/2017JV Blue3:00 PMSt. Paul ComoSt. Paul ComoL 1-4
8/26/2017B Squad10:00 AMRobbinsdale CooperWashburn StadiumW 1-0
8/26/2017JV12:00 PMRobbinsdale CooperWashburn StadiumW 2-1
8/26/2017JV Blue10:00 AMMahtomediMahtomediW 10-1
8/26/2017Varsity2:00 PMRobbinsdale CooperWashburn StadiumW 8-0
8/31/2017B Squad5:00 PMEast RidgeEast RidgeW 4-1
8/31/2017JV4:15 PMEast RidgeEast RidgeW 5-1
8/31/2017Sophomore4:15 PMEast RidgeEast RidgeW 7-0
8/31/2017Varsity5:00 PMEast RidgeEast RidgeW 3-2
9/1/2017B Squad5:00 PMSt Paul ComoMcMurray FieldL 0-2
9/1/2017Sophomore5:00 PMSt Paul ComoMcMurray FieldT 1-1
9/5/2017JV4:15 PMSouthwestPearl ParkL 1-2
9/5/2017JV Blue4:00 PMHoly AngelsHoly AngelsL 3-9
9/5/2017Sophomore4:00 PMHoly AngelsTaft ParkW 5-0
9/5/2017Varsity5:00 PMSouthwestSouthwestW 1-0
9/6/2017Sophomore4:15 PMSouthwestArmatage ParkW 2-0
9/7/2017JV4:15 PMRooseveltLake Nokomis ParkW 15-0
9/7/2017Varsity5:00 PMRooseveltWashburn StadiumW 8-0
9/9/2017B Squad1:00 PMHopkinsHopkinsW 7-0
9/9/2017JV11:00 AMHopkinsHopkinsW 1-0
9/9/2017Sophomore1:00 PMHopkinsHopkinsW 5-0
9/9/2017Varsity5:00 PMHopkinsHopkinsW 3-2
9/11/2017B Squad4:30 PMHastingsHastingsW 5-0
9/12/2017JV Blue4:30 PMMahtomediMahtomediW 5-1
9/14/2017JV4:15 PMEdisonPearl ParkT 1-1
9/14/2017Varsity5:00 PMEdisonEdisonW 5-0
9/15/2017JV Blue7:30 PMHiawatha AcademyWashburn StadiumW 2-0
9/16/2017B Squad8:00 AMHoly AngelsWashburn StadiumW 4-0
9/16/2017JV2:00 PMHoly AngelsWashburn StadiumT 2-2
9/16/2017Sophomore12:00 PMHoly AngelsWashburn StadiumW 5-0
9/16/2017Varsity8:00 PMHoly AngelsWashburn StadiumT 2-2
9/18/2017B Squad4:15 PMWayzataWayzataL 0-4
9/18/2017JV4:15 PMWayzataWayzataT 1-1
9/18/2017Sophomore4:15 PMWayzataWayzataW 2-0
9/18/2017Varsity7:00 PMWayzataWashburn StadiumL 0-1
9/19/2017JV4:15 PMHenryBohanon ParkW 6-0
9/19/2017JV Blue4:00 PMSt. Thomas AcademySt. Thomas AcademyT 0-0
9/19/2017Varsity5:00 PMHenryWashburn StadiumW 14-0
9/20/2017B Squad5:30 PMEaganEagan High SchoolL 3-4
9/23/2017B Squad10:00 AMStillwaterStillwaterW 4-0
9/23/2017JV12:00 PMStillwaterWashburn StadiumW 1-0
9/23/2017Sophomore10:00 AMStillwaterStillwaterL 0-1
9/23/2017Varsity2:00 PMStillwaterWashburn StadiumL 1-2
9/26/2017B Squad5:30 PMSt. Paul WashingtonWashingtonW 2-1
9/26/2017Sophomore5:30 PMSt. Paul WashingtonWashingtonW 2-1
9/27/2017JV Blue4:00 PMHoly AngelsPearl ParkW 3-0
9/27/2017Sophomore4:00 PMHoly AngelsPearl ParkW 3-0
9/28/2017B Squad4:15 PMSouthwestPearl ParkW 2-0
9/28/2017JV4:15 PMSouthSouthW 3-1
9/28/2017Varsity5:00 PMSouthWashburn StadiumL 1-2
10/3/2017Varsity4:00 PMBloomington JeffersonWashburn StadiumW 2-0
10/3/2017JV Blue4:00 PMSt. Thomas AcademySt. Thomas AcademyT 0-0
10/4/2017Sophomore4:15 PMSouthwestPearl ParkW 2-1
10/5/2017Varsity5:00 PMSouthwestWashburn StadiumW 4-1
10/7/2017JV12:00 PMSt. Louis ParkSaint Louis ParkT 0-0
10/7/2017Sophomore12:00 PMSt. Louis ParkSaint Louis ParkW 9-3
10/7/2017Varsity2:00 PMSt. Louis ParkWashburn StadiumW 5-0
10/9/2017B Squad4:15 PMSouthwestArmatage ParkW 3-1
10/10/2017JV4:00 PMSouthwestSouthwest StadiumT 2-2
10/12/2017Varsity7:00 PMRobbinsdale ArmstrongWashburn StadiumW 2-1
10/14/2017Varsity3:00 PMSt. Louis ParkWashburn StadiumL 1-3