2018 Washburn Boys Soccer Tryout Results

Congratulations to the 2018 Washburn soccer teams! Below are the five teams that will represent Washburn this year. If you do not see your name listed please consider joining one of our other great fall athletic programs, such as cross country or football. Lynhurst, Pearl, and McRae Parks are also looking to fill teams for various age groups, including U18 players.

For players who made a team, here are the practice times for Monday:

9B: 3:30PM Pearl Park
9A: 3:30PM Pearl Park
Sophomore: 3:30PM Pearl Park
JV: 3:30PM Pearl Park
Varsity: 7:30AM Washburn

If you have any questions please email Aaron Percy (Boy’s Head Coach) at [email protected]

Player NameTeam
Alex CVarsity
Alexander HVarsity
Ben SVarsity
Brayan FVarsity
Darley FVarsity
Haytham AVarsity
Isaac BVarsity
Isaac L-EVarsity
Jameson CVarsity
Joe BVarsity
John RVarsity
Jorge R MVarsity
Marcus RVarsity
Nick KVarsity
Otis AVarsity
Sam FVarsity
Sam IVarsity
Ty BVarsity
Vilas SVarsity
Zev BVarsity
Will C (Manager)Varsity
Abdul AJunior Varsity
Alex Haw.Junior Varsity
Antony MJunior Varsity
Beno BJunior Varsity
Bishar MJunior Varsity
Emerson RJunior Varsity
Henry MJunior Varsity
Jason BJunior Varsity
Jaxson MJunior Varsity
Jim BJunior Varsity
Jude BJunior Varsity
Luke CJunior Varsity
Michael TJunior Varsity
Nathaniel MJunior Varsity
Sam KJunior Varsity
Simon WJunior Varsity
Will EJunior Varsity
Willie SJunior Varsity
Adrian ASophomore
Andrew PSophomore
Anton RSophomore
Arthur BSophomore
Darwin MSophomore
Fred HSophomore
Jack MSophomore
Juve O-CSophomore
Lewis BSophomore
Louis WSophomore
Luca CSophomore
Milan F-ASophomore
Oliver CSophomore
Paul SSophomore
Ryan ESophomore
Sebastian MSophomore
Theo PSophomore
Will CSophomore
Zion MSophomore
Owen C (Manager)Sophomore
Ambrose M9A
Brooks P9A
Joe C9A
John Mc9A
Josh J9A
Luca F9A
Micah L9A
Imran M.9A
Nicholas A9A
Owen L-E9A
Owen S9A
Peter M9A
Vaughn H9A
Victor S9A
Zach T9A
Avery S9B
Ben M J9B
Carter B9B
Colin B9B
Dominick N9B
Jack J9B
Jack M9B
Jake W9B
Joe M9B
Joel M9B
John T9B
Leo J9B
Matthew R9B
Max C9B
Peter C9B
Xander J9B
Zach B9B
Zach M9B

Practice Times for the Week of August 20

Practices and matches are listed already on TeamSnap. Expect an invitation shortly to join the team on TeamSnap.


Monday: 7:30am (Practice at Washburn)
Tuesday: 2:00pm (Scrimmage at Roseville)
Wednesday: 6:30pm (Practice at Washburn)
Thursday: Match at Washburn against Edina
Friday: 3:00pm (Practice at Washburn)

Junior Varsity

Monday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Tuesday: 3:00 (Scrimmage at Holy Family)
Wednesday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Thursday: Match at Edina


Monday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Tuesday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Wednesday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Thursday: Match at Edina
Friday: Match at St. Paul Como


Monday:3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Tuesday:3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Wednesday: 8:30am (Practice location TBD)
Thursday: Match at Edina
Friday: Match at St. Paul Como


Monday:3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)
Tuesday:3:00 (Scrimmage at Holy Family)
Wednesday: 3:30 (Practice at Pearl Park)