2020 Washburn Boys Soccer Tryout Results

Congratulations to the 2020 Washburn soccer teams. Below are the five squads that will represent Washburn boys soccer this year.

Important: if you do not wish to play on the team for which you have been selected, contact Aaron Percy (Boys’ Head Coach) to inform him of your decision. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. For those selected to a team, please look for an email to join TeamSnap all our scheduling and messaging during the upcoming season.

For those who did not make a team, the tryout fee is refundable. Contact [email protected] to request details on requesting a refund.

Lewie B.11Varsity
Beno B.12Varsity
Emmett B.9Varsity
Alex C.12Varsity
Will C.12Varsity
Ollie C.12Varsity
Owen C.12Varsity
Ryan E.12Varsity
Brayan F.12Varsity
Vaughn H.11Varsity
Josh J.11Varsity
Sam K.11Varsity
Micah L.11Varsity
Bishar M.12Varsity
Jack M.12Varsity
Henry Mo.12Varsity
Brooks P.11Varsity
Anton R.12Varsity
Ben S.12Varsity
Efrain T.11Varsity
Louis W.11Varsity
Abdiweli A.11JV
Suheyb A.11JV
Colin B.11JV
Carter B.11JV
Peter C.11JV
Joe C.11JV
Angel I.11JV
Xander J.11JV
Ashton K.11JV
Owen L E10JV
Micah L.11JV
Zach Mar.11JV
John M.11JV
Darwin M.12JV
Peter M.11JV
Imran (Leo) M.11JV
Ambrose M.11JV
Octavio R.11JV
Victor S.11JV
Owen S.11JV
John T.11JV
Charlie B.10Academy A
Julian B. S.8Academy A
Cole B.10Academy A
Isaac C.10Academy A
Luc C.9Academy A
Patrick C.10Academy A
Max C.9Academy A
John D.10Academy A
Sam E.9Academy A
Oliver G.9Academy A
Charlie G.9Academy A
Gael J.-K.10Academy A
Henry Me.10Academy A
Nels M.9Academy A
Will O.10Academy A
Isaiah P.10Academy A
Grayson P.9Academy A
John R.10Academy A
Samir S.9Academy A
Michael B.9Academy B
Hayden B.10Academy B
Ryan C.9Academy B
James C.10Academy B
Henry D.9Academy B
Miles D.10Academy B
Levi E.9Academy B
Cole F.9Academy B
Thanh G.10Academy B
Christopher H.9Academy B
Isaac J.10Academy B
Leo J.10Academy B
Will J.9Academy B
Lucas L. 9Academy B
Zachary Mat.9Academy B
James M.10Academy B
Angel R.9Academy B
Santos S.S.10Academy B
Beckett W.9Academy B
Jack B.9Scrimmage Squad
Hudson B.10Scrimmage Squad
Isaac H.9Scrimmage Squad
Matthew J.8Scrimmage Squad
Teddy K.9Scrimmage Squad
Francisco K.9Scrimmage Squad
Carlos L. de G.10Scrimmage Squad
Michal M.8Scrimmage Squad
Ahmed M.10Scrimmage Squad
Levi M.10Scrimmage Squad
Hassain M.9Scrimmage Squad
Aedan P.9Scrimmage Squad
Calvin P.8Scrimmage Squad
Hans R.8Scrimmage Squad
Aaron S.8Scrimmage Squad
Sutton S.9Scrimmage Squad
Oliver T.9Scrimmage Squad
Noah V.8Scrimmage Squad
Mohamed W.10Scrimmage Squad
Soren W.9Scrimmage Squad
Joseph W.-W.9Scrimmage Squad