Washburn Boys Soccer

The varsity team is coached by Aaron Percy, with assistant coaches Sean Keir and Steve Alexander.

Junior Varsity

Washburn Boys Soccer

Junior varsity is coached by Eric Adams. Primarily sophomores and juniors are on the current JV roster.

B Squad

Washburn Boys Soccer

The junior varsity B squad is coached by Eduardo Romo. The current roster is a mix of sophomores and freshmen.

9A (formerly C Squad)

Washburn Boys Soccer

The 9A squad is coached by Manny DeLaLuz. The current roster is primarily freshmen.

9B Squad

Washburn Boys Soccer

The newest team, 9B, is coached by Fernando Santellanes. The roster will primarily be freshmen.

2016 Schedule/Results

Schedules and results for all Washburn boys soccer teams

8/25/20169BBenilde-St. Margaret's4:30 PMBenilde St. Margaret'sW 7-1
8/27/2016VarsityAnoka7:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 4-0
8/27/2016JVAnoka5:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 4-0
8/27/2016B Squadat Anoka4:00 PMAnokaW 5-1
8/27/20169Aat Anoka4:00 PMAnokaW 3-1
8/27/20169Bat Chaska9:00 AMChaskaL 4-6
8/29/20169BHastings4:15 PMPearl ParkL 1-5
8/30/2016VarsityEast Ridge7:00 PMWashburn StadiumL 0-5
8/30/2016JVEast Ridge5:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 1-0
8/30/2016B Squadat East Ridge4:30 PMEast RidgeW 9-0
8/30/20169Aat East Ridge4:30 PMEast RidgeW 1-0
8/31/2016B SquadSouthwest4:15 PMPearl ParkW 2-0
8/31/20169ASouthwest4:15 PMPearl ParkW 7-1
9/1/2016Varsityat Southwest7:00 PMSouthwest StadiumL 0-2
9/2/2016JVat Southwest4:15 PMArmatageL 0-2
9/6/2016Varsityat Robbinsdale Cooper7:00 PMRobbinsdale CooperW 5-0
9/6/2016JVat Robbinsdale Cooper5:00 PMRobbinsdale CooperW 8-0
9/7/20169Bat Southwest Christian4:15 PMSouthwest ChristianW 6-2
9/8/2016Varsityat Roosevelt7:00 PMRoosevelt High SchoolW 5-0
9/8/2016JVat Roosevelt4:00 PMLake Nokomis ParkW 7-1
9/8/2016B Squadat St. Paul Washington5:00 PMSt. Paul WashingtonL 1-2
9/8/20169Aat St. Paul Washington5:00 PMSt. Paul WashingtonW 4-0
9/8/20169Bat Holy Angels4:00 PMTaft ParkL 1-3
9/10/2016Varsityat Edina7:00 PMKuhlman StadiumL 1-4
9/10/2016JVat Edina5:00 PMKuhlman StadiumL 1-3
9/10/2016B Squadat Edina2:00 PMLewis ParkW 2-0
9/10/20169Aat Edina2:00 PMLewis ParkW 2-1
9/13/2016VarsityWellstone International7:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 11-0
9/13/2016B Squadat St. Thomas Academy4:15 PMSt. Thomas AcademyW 3-0
9/15/2016VarsityEdison7:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 2-0
9/15/2016JVEdison4:00 PMPearl ParkW 5-0
9/15/20169BEdison4:00 PMEdisonL 0-2
9/17/2016Varsityat Holy Angels5:30 PMHoly AngelsL 0-3
9/17/2016JVat Holy Angels3:30 PMHoly AngelsT 2-2
9/17/2016B Squadat Holy Angels10:30 AMHoly AngelsT 0-0
9/17/20169Aat Holy Angels9:00 AMHoly AngelsW 3-0
9/17/20169Bat Southwest Christian10:00 AMSouthwest ChristianW 5-2
9/20/2016B Squadat Southwest4:15 PMArmatageW 3-0
9/20/20169ASouthwest4:15 PMPearl ParkW 3-1
9/22/2016VarsitySouthwest7:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 4-1
9/22/2016JVSouthwest4:30 PMPearl ParkT 1-1
9/24/2016VarsityHopkins8:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 3-1
9/24/2016JVHopkins4:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 2-0
9/24/2016B SquadHopkins12:00 PMWashburn StadiumT 1-1
9/24/20169AHopkins8:00 AMWashburn StadiumW 12-0
9/27/20169BHastings4:15 PMPearl ParkL 0-1
9/28/2016JVat Minneapolis South4:00 PMSouth High SchoolL 0-1
9/29/2016Varsityat Minneapolis South5:30 PMSouth High SchoolW 3-1
9/29/2016B SquadMinneapolis South7:30 PMWashburn StadiumW 4-0
9/29/20169AMinneapolis South6:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 6-0
10/1/2016VarsityMounds View2:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 2-0
10/1/2016JVMounds View12:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 3-1
10/1/20169Bat Mounds View11:00 AMMounds ViewL 1-2
10/4/20169Aat Park High4:15 PMCottage Grove Middle SchoolW 1-0
10/5/2016B Squadat Minneapolis South5:00 PMSouth High SchoolL 0-2
10/5/20169Aat Minneapolis South3:30 PMSouth High SchoolW 7-0
10/6/2016Varsityat Minneapolis Henry/North7:00 PMPatrick Henry High SchoolW 10-0
10/6/2016JVMinneapolis Henry/North6:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 11-0
10/6/20169Bat Holy Angels4:00 PMWashington ParkL 0-5
10/8/2016Varsityat Benilde-St. Margaret's7:00 PMBenilde-St. Margaret'sL 0-1
10/8/2016JVat Benilde-St. Margaret's3:00 PMBenilde-St. Margaret'sW 2-0
10/8/2016B Squadat Benilde-St. Margaret's3:00 PMBenilde-St. Margaret'sW 3-1
10/8/20169Aat Benilde-St. Margaret's11:00 AMBenilde-St. Margaret'sT 1-1
10/8/20169Bat Benilde-St. Margaret's9:00 AMBenilde-St. Margaret'sW 3-0
10/13/2016VarsityRobbinsdale Cooper*5:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 4-2
10/15/2016VarsityHopkins*3:00 PMWashburn StadiumW 3-2
10/18/2016Varsityat Wayzata*5:00 PMWayzata High SchoolL 0-3