2017 Tryouts: August 14-18

Tryouts for the 2017 season are set for Monday, August 14, through Friday, August 18, 2017. Check-in and the first part of tryouts will be at Washburn Stadium. The tryout schedule as well as common questions about selection and makeup of this season’s teams is below.

2017 Tryout Results

Captain’s Practices: August 7-11

Captains’ practices at Washburn Stadium are set for Monday, August 7, through Friday, August 11, 2017, from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Varsity captains lead five days worth of drills, conditioning, and scrimmages. Players are encouraged to attend but are not required to participate in order to tryout for a team.

What to Know

Varsity head coach Aaron Percy answers common questions players and parents have about the Washburn boys soccer program, including basic information about tryouts, teams, and the overall soccer season. Read More.

Team Structure/Selection Criteria

Information about team structure for the 2017 season, including the number of teams and the selection criteria coaches and evaluators will use to select players. Read More.

Required Forms

Every player must have a sports physical completed and on file with the Washburn athletic department before tryouts. Additional forms and a fall sports participation fee are also required before any player can tryout. Forms are available here.

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Tryout Schedule

Tryouts for Washburn soccer for 2017 are August 14-18, 2017. Check-in for all players for the 2017 season will be at Washburn Stadium at 7:30am on Monday, August 14. Players will then be placed in either Pool A or Pool B. New players will be placed in Pool B unless Coach Percy has received a recommendation from a player’s current coach. The following reflects the tryout schedule, which may be adjusted as further details are announced.

Pool A

Checkin at 7:30am: Washburn Stadium
Washburn Stadium
Washburn Stadium
Washburn Stadium

Varsity Team Retreat
Washburn Stadium/TBA

Pool B

Monday7:30-11:00amCheckin/start at Washburn Stadium; end at Pearl Park
Tuesday8:30-11:30amPearl Park
Wednesday8:30-11:30amPearl Park
Thursday8:30-11:30amPearl Park
Friday8:30-11:30amPearl Park

Pool B Testing Criteria for Day 1

  • 40 yard dash time: 2 runs, take your faster time
  • Figure 8 dribble: 2 cones 5 yards apart, dribble around them and through to make a figure 8. Each time you go across middle will count as 1 point. 30 seconds timed
  • 400 meter run: timed, one time around track
  • Cone-shooting drill: Cones placed 10, 15, and 20 yards from goal. Set of balls at each one, you will have 30 seconds to score as many goals in the outer thirds of the goal. Need to shoot one from each cone distance then repeat as much as you can.
  • Trapping drill: Perform a series of receiving drills that will give you a score based on your performance.
  • T Test: short burst sprints

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